Hi, I’m Emmanuel. I have a restless passion for wedding photography! At age 20, I studied physical education. Everything that pertained to “citius, altius, fortius” rocked my world. I gather now that I was simply attracted by the force, beauty and motion of life. If you had asked me then whether I would ever consider being a wedding photographer, I would have smiled and nodded. 26 years later wedding photography has turned my world around for quite a while. And guess what… emanphoto’s signature is still and encore force, beauty and motion of life!  When I die, an autopsy will reveal my brain is indeed a genuine photographic camera, my left eye a very sharp zoom lens and my eye lid a ultrasonic shutter. Photography has taken siege in me!

So here I am… emanphoto is the name. Wedding photography is the game! I’m for hire and I’ll see you in a gown and tuxedo sooner than you know!

Emanphoto is a 2006/07 award-winning photographer of the WPJA, the world famous Wedding Photojournalist Association. If anything at all this means emanphoto’s work was selected numerous times by a panel of international photographer-judges of the highest caliber and recognized as one of the most beautiful/insightful art in today’s wedding photo industry. If that isn’t enough, emanphoto is a WeddingWire 2009/2011 Bride’s Choice Award winner.


Best of Thumptack 2015


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