Photo du Jour Part 5


Robert Frost’s Poetry


Photo du Jour Part 4

My Photo du Jour took me by surprise last night as I was editing it.
Ma Photo du Jour m’a pris par surprise hier soir alors que j’y travaillais.
Saying that an artist needs imagination on the road of creation is a mild understatement,
Il serait certes superflu de préciser qu’un artiste a besoin d’imagination pour créer,
but I couldn’t help noticing what the vertical version of my photo was suddenly revealing to me…
Et de ce fait, cette imagination m’a transporté dans une autre dimension lorsque je l’ai observée dans sa version verticale.
Do you too see what I see-a head full of hair and a long beard?
Voyez-vous, comme moi une tête pleine de cheveux et une longue barbe?

Photo du Jour Part 3


Mr. RauLLi is not fooling around-he’s expecting tons of mail. Monsieur RauLLi ne fait pas dans le détail-il est prêt à recevoir des tonnes de courrier.

Little Town, America

Little Town, America

It’s 26 degrees with some wind as I’m walking to the bank and post office this morning. There’s something I can’t really explain yet right there on the snow-covered ground right under my feet. A myriad shadows that wake me from a pseudo-sleepy walk. I look to the left and, sure enough, the big tree I’m now looking at plays tricks on me as I keep on walking toward the park’s gazebo. My eyes squint and close. I stop. In a blink of a eye, I zip my jacket’s right pocket open and grab my Lumix camera. The light is splendid and strong-almost loud. I fire up a dozen shots as I move to consider multiple angles of the sun coming through the branches. As if waving, the flag suddenly comes alive and gives the moment a feeling of glory with its red, white and blue colors. It’s a very simple picture. So simple it almost speaks of humility. But this simplicity is that of peace and love. Two things dear to my heart when I think of Camden, NY. Little Town, America speaks of a friendly acquaintance. Someone we can count on when trouble strikes. Little Town, America-dear to my heart.


Photo du Jour Part 2


The things we walk by and just don’t see… I give you San Frostisco, NY.


Photo du Jour Part 1


The Thirsty Moose. L’Elan Assoiffé.


Happy First Snow


Wedding Day Part 28


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First Time Mama Hen


Once Upon A…

Once Upon A Kid

Freedom – Liberté

Freedom - Liberté

Education, Day 2


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Dreamer – Rêveur


Wedding Day (Camera Shy)


When a child is camera-shy, I put on my sneaky suit and catch her off guard. Quand un enfant est particulièrement timide, il me reste l’espoir de la surprendre à l’improviste.



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